6 Reasons You Need a Company Store

  • Oct 28, 2021

As more and more companies turn towards e-commerce, shopping online has never been easier or more enjoyable. Ordering branded products is no exception! Company stores give you a convenient and completely customizable online experience for ordering your products. Whether your company or organization is looking for branded or logo-free products, our e-commerce storefront solution can improve your brand management while saving you time and money.

If you're asking, "but why company stores?" don't worry! Let us break it down for you. Here are the six reasons why you need a company store:

1. Keep Branding Consistent

Branding that's all over the place confuses potential customers, and maintaining brand consistency is key to keeping your organization top of mind for current customers. Company stores give you the power to ensure that your logo, colors, and messaging are consistent across all your branded products.

2. Streamline the Ordering Process

Company stores help you keep things efficient by streamlining the ordering process. Since the store is stocked with products that have already been selected, customized, and approved based on design and price points, orders don't have to be shepherded through decision-makers first.

3. Reduce Costs and Save Money

With your brand guidelines already implemented into the online store, your company store products will show consistent branding every time, and a streamlined order management system does away with having to worry about inventory. Company stores help cut out human error, saving you money and time in the long run!

4. More Options, Less Problems

Online company stores let you choose from thousands of different items to find the perfect products for your brand, and we're here to help with the selection process. The beauty of promotional products is that they're super customizable, giving you plenty of options to craft the ideal store for your company.

5. Easy Access

The best thing about an online store is that it's available, even when you're not! Store visitors can request information, get quotes, place orders, and view detailed product information - all from the comfort of their homes or any place there's WiFi, 24/7.

6. Build Brand Fans

Promotional products are a great way to turn people interested in your brand into super-fans. When an employee or customer gets a trendy product with your logo on it, they're sure to use it for years to come. This gives you enduring brand recognition and helps generate buzz for your organization. Not only are the people buying products from your store now bigger fans of your brand, but they're also showing you off to everyone they come into contact with!

Company stores aren't just for the big businesses anymore. From uniforms to employee appreciation, fan merch to office essentials, and so much more, company stores can help you get your organization out there while staying consistent and saving you money. To learn more about how company stores can benefit your brand, contact us today.

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